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How to Use Our Site
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Link Sorting Feature
Favorites Feature
Adding or Editing a Place
Get Involved!

We believe our site is better than many of the others that are out there because of our in-depth guides, advanced sorting features, updated info, and easy to use interface. This guide will show you exactly how to use our site and find what you are looking for, as well as how to contribute to our community.

For this section let's take a look at a sample listing from our directory.

On the first line we have the title of the item. If you click on this link, you will be taken to the detail page for that item, which will contain more in depth information about the item. Between the title and the rating stars may be some small icons as follows:

N = New
P = Popular (Highly rated)
H = Hot (Most visited)
Crown icon = Editor's Pick
Heart icon = Added to your favorites (more on this below)

In the example above, this place is Hot, Popular, and an editor's pick.

The last thing on the first line is a series of stars which represent our users' ratings of the item. If the stars are all gray, the item has not been rated yet. In order to add your review, you will need to login and click the "Add Review" link that is shown at the bottom of our example (this link is also available on the detail page).

After the description line, you should see "Type". On this line, we categorize the item by the type of establishment or attraction that it is. In our example above, we see "Italian/Northwest Cuisine". If this establishment were also a dance club, for example, it would be listed in the Bars and Nightlife category and the type section would appear as "Italian/Northwest Cuisine/Dance Club".

The next line is titled "Price". This information is used to give you a ball-park idea as to how much this place costs. For lodging and restaurants we use the following system.

Hotels and Lodging: We use double occupancy in a standard room as the basis for pricing. Most hotels will have higher priced options such as suites and penthouses.
$ = Under $100
$$ = $100-$150
$$$ = $150-$200
$$$$ = $200-$250
$$$$$ = $250+

Restaurants: For restaurants, we take an average of the entrees. Sometimes there are special considerations such as for restaurants that charge extra for the sides that normally come with an entree, or other circumstances.
$ = Under $10
$$ = $10-$20
$$$ = $20-$30
$$$$ = $30-$40
$$$$$ = $40+

Link Sorting:
One of the features that really sets our site apart is our link sorting capabilities that can make finding what you are looking for much easier. Link sorting allows you to classify links based on a number of different criteria, as well as allow you to customize the display of the items in the directory. The link sorting bar is shown below.

Completing our free registration process makes you a member of our site and provides access to additional features that guests do not have. These include the ability to rate and review items, post in the forums, use the "Favorites" feature, and more.

Registering is simple and easy. Just go to, fill out the form, and submit it. After that, you will be able to login and access all of the member features.

Favorites Feature:
Once you have logged in, you should see your user menu on the left hand side of the page. Most of the features listed here are self-explanatory, however, we do want to provide a quick explanation of the My Favorites feature. This is a powerful tool that can be used as a trip planner to essentially "bookmark" places that you wish to visit on your trip, or it can be used as a travel scrapbook to keep track of places you have been during your travels. Initially, when you click on this link, you will get a blank page. As you browse through the site and add items to your favorites, they will appear here. You can add hotels, restaurants, attractions, etc. to your favorites. You can also remove items from your favorites on that page or at the item's location in our directory.

Every page on the site has a search box located on the left side of the page. For a simple search, just enter your terms and click the search button. The search results will include matching categories, links, travel guides, and forum posts that match your query.

The search feature supports the +, -, and " characters. If you are not familiar with this type of searching, you should learn it as most search engines support it as well. It is the best way to narrow search results.

Adding a Place:
Even for our completed travel guides, there are probably still plenty of restaurants, bars, hotels, etc. missing. If you are registered and logged in, you can add places to our directory by clicking on the "Add a Place" link as designated by the red arrow below.

You will find this link when you are browsing a category such as Restaurants, Hotels and Lodging, etc. This link also appears on the left side of the site in the "Action Box".

When you add a place, it will not be immediately available as it must be approved by our team. This is to prevent our site from being loaded with Viagra advertisements. When your submission is approved/denied, you will be notified via the email address listed for your account. Typically this process will take 24-48 hours.

If you are the owner or affiliated with an establishment that is already listed on our site and would like to modify the listing, please use our contact form and let us know. You must be able to provide proof that you have the authority to make changes. The easiest way is to provide an email address that is from the company's domain if possible. We will then make you the owner of that link and you can modify the description, images, and even add videos, brochures and other items.

Get Involved!:
We believe that we have created a superior travel site here, however, it will only be as good as our community of members makes it. Sure, our travel guides and articles are useful, but your reviews will make the site infinitely more helpful to fellow travelers. Please take the time to review the places that you have been and add places we are missing.

Another big help is to let us know when our materials are out-of-date or contain errors. It's a big and constantly changing world out there, and it can be difficult to keep things current.

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