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Alphonse Island, Seychelles Travel Guide
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Location: Africa
Geography: Island, Beach
Vacation Type: Relaxation, Adventure
Popularity: Off-the-Beaten Path
Costs: Expensive
Attractions: Scenery, Fishing, Scuba & Snorkeling

Facts and Stats:
Population: Approximately 82
Land Area: 0.67 square miles
Country Dialing Code: 248
Languages: Creole, English, and French
Electricity: 220V
Currency: Seychellois rupee (SCR)
Time Zone: SCT (UTC +4)
Current Time:

Alphonse Island is a remote island with a single resort. It is famous for the sand flats at nearby Bijoutier Island and St Francois Atoll where the flyfishing is reported to be among the world's best. While the resort does offer some activities such as a pool, beach, tennis court, and non-motorized water activities, fishing is the reason that people head here.

Alphonse Island is the main island (atoll) in the Alphonse Group of outer islands. This small, remote, triangular shaped destination is 250 miles southwest of Mahe and 7 degrees south of the equator. The other islands in the Alphonse Group are Bijoutier and St Francois Atoll located 5 miles and 12 miles to the south respectively.

Brief History:
Alphonse Island was named for its official discoverer, Chevalier Alphonse di Pontevez in 1730. Until the 1990s, the island served as a location for cultivating copra, the dried flesh of coconuts. The resort was built in the late 1990's.

As mentioned, saltwater flyfishing is the main reason that people come to Alphonse Island. The atolls of Alphonse and St Francois are home to incredibly large populations of bonefish that provide enjoyment to novice and experienced flyanglers alike. Common species caught include three different types of trigger fish (Yellow Margin, Giant and Picasso), eight species of trevally (Giant, Bluefin, Brassy, Bigeye, Yellow dot, Golden, Black and Fulvie), snappers, groupers, African pompano (Indo Pacific permit), parrot fish and the incomparable milkfish (Chanos chanos).

One of the largest concentrations of crustaceans in the Indian Ocean occurs in the atoll of St Francois and is the prime food source for many of these target species. This spectacular wilderness has ten thousand acres of white sand flats providing wading flyanglers with world class site fishing.

Fishing isn't the only opportunity for adventure. There are numerous dive sites in the atolls as well, and the resorts dive shop operates tours to these spots. Most of the dives are drift dives.

Money & Costs:
A trip to Alphonse Island is very expensive. Much of the costs are included in the room price, but some items such as drinks, tips, etc. are not. There is no need for cash here as the resort accepts credit cards. There are no ATMs or banks here.

As if you weren't paying enough already, a conservation levy of $35 per person will be payable on the island.

Entry Requirements:
A visa is not required to visit the island. In order to enter the Seychelles, a valid passport, onward/return ticket, the local address where the visitor will stay, and proof of sufficient funds are required.

Getting There & Around:
To get to Alphonse Island, you will first fly in to Seychelles International Airport (SEZ) on Mahe Island. There are a number of major airlines that service the airport. From Mahe, you will catch a 1 hour flight with IDC Aviation to the landing strip on Alphonse. There is currently only 1 scheduled flight every Saturday. Check with the resort for more information about flight schedules and baggage restrictions. Charter flights are available.

On the island, there are 2 ways to get around; your feet or a bicycle.

The island enjoys a hot, humid, tropical climate with temperatures that don't vary much by season or hour of the day. The rainiest months are November-March.

Below are the current conditions and weather forecast for Alphonse Island.

The table below shows the average high and low temperatures.

Month Avg High Avg Low Avg Rainfall
January 85 75 15.2 inches
February 86 76 10.8 inches
March 87 76 8.9 inches
April 88 77 7.2 inches
May 86 77 6.4 inches
June 84 76 3.9 inches
July 82 75 3.3 inches
August 83 75 3 inches
September 84 75 5.2 inches
October 85 75 6.4 inches
November 86 75 8.8 inches
December 86 75 13 inches

Tips & Additional Information:
  • The closest hospital in on Mahe, so be careful.
  • The island is free of malaria and yellow fever.
  • Deep sea fishing is not allowed in or around Alphonse, Bijoutier and St Francois.
  • International calls are available from the resort's accomodations.
  • Alphonse Island has no poisonous or dangerous animals or insects.

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    Reviewed by: n/a
    Review date: Feb-15-2017

    I will going to visit beautiful Seychelles city next month.  

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