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Desroches, Seychelles Travel Guide
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Location: Africa
Geography: Island, Beach
Vacation Type: Romantic, Relaxation
Popularity: Off-the-Beaten Path
Costs: Expensive
Attractions: Scenery, Ecotourism, Fishing, Scuba & Snorkeling

Facts and Stats:
Population: Approximately 50
Land Area: 1.3 square miles
Country Dialing Code: 248
Languages: Creole, English, and French
Electricity: 220V
Currency: Seychellois rupee (SCR)
Time Zone: SCT (UTC +4)
Current Time:

Desroches Island (Île Desroches) is the main island of the Amirante Islands, part of the Outer Islands of the Seychelles. It located 143 miles southwest of Seychelles' main island, Mahe. The island is less than 1 mile wide and about 3.5 miles long.

The unspoiled island (potentially soon to be spoiled) is lined with white sand beaches and surrounded by a coral reef and azure waters. Desroches is an excellent destination for diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, fishing and other activities. Diving is particularly good here with a number of undersea caves and cliffs to be explored. Activities are provided by the island's only resort, Desroches Island Resort. This full-service luxury resort has recently expanded with the construction of new villas and is now offering private homes for sale for the small price of $3.25 million.

The island itself is covered in thick coconut groves that provide shade from the intense equatorial heat. There is a small Creole village at the midpoint of the island on the north side where the workers live. It is reported that a Creole restaurant will be opened here soon.

The resorts owners are committed to preserving the island and work with the Island Conservation Society to protect and care for the island's giant tortoise population.

Money and Costs:
Not long ago, visitors to the Seychelles were not allowed to pay with Seychelles Rupees and had to pay with Euros, US Dollars, etc. Visitors are now allowed to make payments for services/products in Seychelles Rupees, although exchanging foreign currency must only be done at banks and the Bureau de Change. It is a criminal offence to exchange money anywhere outside these establishments.

Desroches Island does not have an ATM or bank, however, the resort does accept credit cards.

Entry Requirements:
A visa is not required to visit the island. In order to enter the Seychelles, a valid passport, onward/return ticket, the local address where the visitor will stay, and proof of sufficient funds are required.

Getting There & Around:
IDC Aviation offers flights to Desroches from Mahe. The trip takes approximately 40 minutes. Private charter flights from Mahe can also be arranged. Mahe's airport is serviced by a number of major airlines.

Once on the island, bicycles, golf carts, and walking are transportation options.

Desroches is far enough south that it is not in the cyclone belt. The climate is hot and humid with temperatures that don't vary much by season or hour of the day. The rainiest months are Oct-Feb.

Below are the current conditions and weather forecast for Desroches.

The table below shows the average high and low temperatures.

Month Avg High Avg Low Avg Rainfall
January 85 75 15 inches
February 86 76 10 inches
March 87 76 7 inches
April 88 77 7 inches
May 86 77 5 inches
June 84 76 2 inches
July 82 75 3 inches
August 83 75 4 inches
September 84 75 5 inches
October 85 75 8 inches
November 86 75 8 inches
December 86 75 11 inches

Tips & Additional Information:
  • There is no cell phone service on the island.
  • The water is safe to drink, although bottled water is available too.
  • The island is free of malaria and yellow fever.

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