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Malaysia is located in Southeast Asia and is made up 3 federal territories and 13 states. The country is divided into 2 geographical regions; Peninsular Malaysia and East Malaysia which makes up a portion of the island of Borneo. Peninsular Malaysia is attached to the mainland and bordered by Thailand to the north, and Singapore to the south (although they are separated by Straits of Johor). Peninsular Malaysia and Eastern Malaysia are separated by the South China Sea. Eastern Malaysia makes up 60% of the country and is located on the northern portion of Borneo and borders Indonesia to the south.

Malaysia has a modern, industrialized, market economy that has experienced significant growth in recent decades. Malaysia is a multi-cultural society which has been strongly influenced by Chinese and Indian cultures. This was the result of contact with traders that arrived as early as the 1st century. These early contacts and subsequent immigration are partially responsible for shaping the country into the foodie destination it is today. Although culturally diverse, Malaysia is estimated to be 61% Muslim as the result of introduction by the Majapahit Empire during the 14th century.

Population: 28,728,607 (43rd)
Capital/Largest City: Kuala Lumpur (7,239,871)
Government: Federal Constitutional Monarchy
Independence from the U.K.: August 31, 1957
Area: 127,355 sq mi (67th)
Highest Point: Mount Kinabalu - 13,436 ft
Lowest Point: Sea level
National Bird: Rhinoceros Hornbill
National Flower: Bunga Raya
Time Zone: Malaysian Standard Time (MST): UTC-8

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Lang Tengah Island, Malaysia Travel Guide
Lang Tengah Island, Malaysia Travel Guide
This small island only has a few resorts with no resident population. There is absolutely nothing here other than the sun, water, reefs, jungle, and your small resort. A great place for those who REALLY want to get away, or those who are into diving and snorkeling.

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Redang Island, Malaysia Travel Guide
Redang Island, Malaysia Travel Guide
Redang Island is a quiet resort destination with a dozen or so lodging options. The island is known for its amazing beaches and excellent snorkeling/diving as it is part of a protected marine park. This island is best for those interested in ecotourism and relaxation.

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