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Lang Tengah Island, Malaysia Travel Guide
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Redang Island, Malaysia Travel Guide
Location: Asia
Geography: Island, Beach, Jungle/Rainforest
Vacation Type: Relaxation, Adventure
Popularity: Off-the-Beaten Path
Costs: Budget
Attractions: Scenery, Hiking, Scuba & Snorkeling

Facts and Stats:
Population: 0
Land Area: 1 square miles
Elevation: Sea level
Country Dialing Code: +60
Area Code: 9
Languages: Bahasa Malaysia (Malay)
Electricity: 240V
Currency: Ringgit (RM)
Time Zone: Malaysian Standard Time (MST): UTC+8
Current Time:

Lang Tengah Island is nearly a secret. This small island only has a few resorts with no resident population. There is absolutely nothing here other than the sun, water, reefs, jungle, and your small resort. A great place for those who REALLY want to get away, or those who are into diving and snorkeling.

Lang Tengah island is also known as Pulau Lang Tengah which means "eagle in the middle". This is likely because the island lies almost halfway between Redang Island and the Perhentian Islands in the South China Sea off the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Specifically, it is located approximately 10 miles southeast of the Perhentian Islands and 8 miles northwest of Redang Island. It is approximately 20 miles from the Merang jetty in Kuala Terengganu on the mainland.

Lang Tengah is approximately 1.3 miles long by 0.5 miles wide. It is so small that you can boat around the entire island in about 10 mintutes. Most of the island is fringed by coral reef, while the land is covered in dense jungle. There are no settlements or villages here.

Lang Tengah is a great location for diving with at least 15 diving spots within a 10 minute boat ride. There is some snorkeling as well, but it is limited and nothing like you will find on Redang Island. The resorts can provide snorkel and dive gear.

For a change of pace, a jungle trek up to Cat's Rock provides sweeping views of the island and surroundings. The hike takes about 30 minutes. It is recommended to do this hike in the early morning for sunrise.

Food & Nightlife:
All of the restaurants are located at the resorts, most of which offer all-inclusive plans for meals. You can try the food at one of the other resorts, but you will likely find it pretty much the same. The restaurants mainly focus on Chinese/Malay cuisine.

The tap water on the island is salty and not drinkable. It has been reported that bottled water is hard to come by. Check with your resort to find out more about their water situation. If necessary, you can stock up before catching your boat ride from the mainland.

As you might guess, there is very little nightlife on Lang Tengah. Each of the resorts does have a bar, and they do serve alcohol which is not included in your all-inclusive package.

Money & Costs:
Most westerners will find the island fairly affordable. For example, most accomodations are under $100 per night and that includes meals and other services.

Malaysia's currency is the Ringgit (RM). There are no banks or ATMs on the island, although, most of the resorts accept credit cards. It's a good idea to keep some cash on you for emergencies. Other than that, there isn't much to spend money on here, particularly with an all-inclusive lodging plan.

Tipping is not mandatory, but is widely practiced. A typical tip would lie in the RM1-RM5 range.

Entry Requirements:
Visitors from some countries will require a visa in order to enter Malaysia. A list of countries and requirements can be found here. All visitors must have a valid passport.

No vaccines are necessary for visitors unless you are coming from an area that is infected with yellow fever. Cholera, smallpox, and malaria have largely been eliminated.

Getting There & Around:
The easiest way to get to Lang Tengah Island is to fly to Kuala Terengganu (KT) which is serviced by a number of major airlines. Once there, your resort will either arrange transportation service to Tanjung Merang (Merang Jetty), or you can take a taxi. Tanjung Merang is a small fishing village 45 minutes north of Kuala Terengganu and the jetty is a few minutes outside of the village. Your resort will transport you via a 30 minute boat ride to the island.

Another option is to fly into Kuala Lumpur and take a bus (coach) to Kuala Terengganu. This will take about 7 hours and cost roughly $10US.

Once on the island, the only transportation will be by boat to the dive sites, or your own 2 feet on land. There are no roads or vehicles to rent.

Lang Tengah Island has a tropical climate with temperatures that do not vary much throughout the year. The northeast monsoon season lasts from November until late February. The resorts are closed during this time as the monsoons bring heavy rains and rough seas. July and August are the busiest months.

The table below shows the weather averages for Lang Tengah Island.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg High 82 84 86 90 90 90 88 88 88 86 82 82
Avg Low 72 72 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 73 72
Water Temp 81 81 84 86 88 86 86 86 86 84 84 84
Precipitation 11.7" 5.2" 5.0" 4.8" 4.0" 5.3" 5.5" 8.3" 9.3" 12.6" 25.6" 26.5"
Days of Rainfall 21 15 14 16 15 15 17 20 24 24 27 25
Humidity 84 84 83 83 82 81 82 83 84 85 89 86

Tips & Additional Information:
  • English is widely spoken here.
  • It should go without saying - Absolutely do not litter!
  • There are no medical services on the island.

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