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Caye Chapel, Belize Travel Guide
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Location: Mexico & Central America
Geography: Island, Beach
Vacation Type: Relaxation
Popularity: Off-the-Beaten Path
Costs: Expensive
Attractions: Golfing, Scenery, Ecotourism, Scuba & Snorkeling

Facts and Stats:
Government: Parliamentary Democracy within the British Commonwealth
Country Dialing Code: 501
Languages: English, Spanish, Kriol
Electricity: 110V
Currency: Belizean Dollar
Time Zone: GMT -6
Current Time:

Editor's Note February 2015:
The Belizean government has sold Caye Chapel to a Mexican resort developer as the island has been largely deserted for the last couple of years. It is reported that a resort will be built here and our guide below will be updated when that has been completed.

An exclusive private island in Belize, Caye Chapel is a mere 265 acres and boasts the only professional golf course in the country. In addition to golf, the island offers pristine beaches, excellent dock fishing, good snorkelling, and country club living.

Caye Chapel is located 16 miles northwest of Belize City in the Western Caribbean. The island is only 3 miles south of Caye Caulker. Caye Chapel is only 265 acres in size.

Brief History:
The current version of Caye Chapel was developed by Larry Addington, a wealthy businessman from Kentucky who has owned the island since 1978. The owner created controversy with environmental groups when deciding to add a golf course. The environmentalists were against fertilizers and pesticides entering the reef ecosystem. The resort opened to the public in 2005 and is for sale in 2010.

In years past, Caye Chapel and its Pyramid Hotel (now demolished) was a favorite spot for British troops.

This is an exclusive resort, and as such, it is very expensive. Villas run about $1000 per night and the final bill is subject to a mandatory 25% fee. This includes 10% sales tax paid to the Government of Belize, 5% resort fees and 10% gratuities divided amongst the resort staff.

Meal plans are available or guests can choose to handle this a-la-carte. The villas have full kitchens allowing guests to prepare their own meals if they wish. Groceries will need to be purchased elsewhere such as nearby Caye Caulker.

Getting there/Around:
The island features a paved airstrip and a deep water marina capable of accommodating yachts up to 140 feet. Flights can be arranged through the resort for a round trip fee of $110. The resort also operates a water taxi service for those wishing to visit the mainland and surrounding Cayes.

Entry Requirements:
With the exception of cruise ship passengers, all visitors to Belize must present a valid passport before entering the country. Driver's licenses and birth certificates are not approved travel documents and cannot be used to enter the country. Passports must be valid up until time of departure.

VISAS: Nationals of the following countries do not require visas: Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, United States of America, Venezuela, CARICOM member states and members of the European Union. Nationals of the following countries must secure a visa to enter Belize: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angola, Argentina, Bosnia, Brazil, Central African Republic, Chad, China, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Haiti, Honduras, Japan, Korea (North and South), Libya, Monaco, Mongolia, Morocco, Nicaragua, Panama, Poland, Russia, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, Zaire.

Belize offers 350 days of sunshine per year. What is considered the "wet season" lasts from June through December. During this time rain showers frequently occur in violent bursts in the afternoon hours. January to May is known as the dry season, and the percentage of days that experience rain is significantly lower. Any showers that do occur during this time are generally mild and short-lived. Hurricane season for the most part coincides with the rainy season, in particular September to November. Instances of severe weather are not entirely infrequent although the likelihood of a major storm center directly hitting Belize is not high. Below are the current weather conditions:

Tips/Additional information:
  • There are crocodiles in and around the lakes on the golf course. You should obviously stay away from them.
  • There are Portuguese Man o' War in the Belizean waters. They won't likely kill you, but will cause severe pain. In some cases, a feeling of overall illness may develop, or a red streak develops between swollen lymph nodes and the sting. In these cases, seek medical attention immediately.
  • Don't forget high quality repellent. The mosquitoes here can be vicious. If you plan to visit the jungle on the mainland, you may want to consider antimalarial drugs before visiting. Although there are only a few thousand cases of malaria per year, keep in mind that there are only about 350,000 people in Belize.
  • Belize is vulnerable to tropical storms, especially from June 1 until November 30 of each year. General information on weather conditions may be obtained from the National Hurricane Center at
  • If you go to Belize City, be extra careful. They don't have the tourism money that the cayes do and the crime rate is much higher.

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