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Photo Gallery
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Photo Gallery
Pictures of Sedona, Arizona. Click on a picture for a larger view.

A view of Sedona from the Airport mesa. Chimney Rock is in the left foreground and Capitol Butte is the big rock in the center.

Another view from the airport. Chimney rock is on the left, Capitol Butte in the center, and Coffeepot Rock on the right.

Getting close to sunset - Airport mesa.

Close-up of Coffeepot Rock.

Close-up of Capitol Butte.

Coffeepot Rock is center/left and the rock at center/right is either Ship Rock or Steamboat Rock.

Looking Northeast from Airport mesa.

Courthouse Rock and Bell Rock can be seen in the center. This picture was taken from a lookout on Red Rock Loop Road.

Red Rock Crossing is supposedly one of the most photographed spots in Sedona. Cathedral Rock is in the background and Oak Creek is in the foreground.

Another view of Cathedral Rock.

Close-up of Cathedral Rock.

Oak Creek at Red Rock Crossing.

The beautiful and famous Oak Creek Canyon.

Another shot of Oak Creek Canyon.

This is Slide Rock State Park located in Oak Creek Canyon. Named for the natural waterslide shown in this picture.

Oak Creek at Slide Rock State Park. The large boulder in the middle is doing an interesting balancing act.

There are several deep pools with surrounding rocks that you can jump off.

Oak Creek below slide rock.

More Slide Rock State Park.

More Slide Rock State Park.

A gallery at Tlaquepaque. Although difficult to tell from the picture, 2 trees grew out of the floor of this gallery and through the roof.

Kissing frog at Tlaquepaque.

Uptown Sedona.

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