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Ashland, Oregon Travel Guide
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Location: North America
Geography: Mountains, Forest
Vacation Type: Romantic, Relaxation, Adventure, Culture and History
Popularity: Moderate Tourism
Costs: Moderate
Attractions: Skiing, Wineries, Breweries, Spa & Wellness, Hiking, Fishing, Festivals, Cultural Attractions, Camping, Boating, Scenery, Food Destination, Rafting

Facts and Stats:
Population: 20,078
Land Area: 6.5 square miles
Elevation: 1,895 feet
Country Dialing Code: 1
Area Code: 541
Languages: English
Electricity: 110V
Currency: US Dollar
Time Zone: Pacific (PST) UTC-8/UTC-7 (Summer)
Current Time:

Ashland is a quaint college and tourist town built on the banks of Ashland Creek in Southern Oregon. Ashland is home to the Southern Oregon University, and is best known for hosting The Oregon Shakespeare Festival (OSF) every year which runs from February to October. The town of Ashland is charming, and it is close to many outdoors activities such as skiing at Mt. Ashland, fishing and white water rafting on the Rogue River, and hiking within the city limits and beyond.

Ashland is nestled in the foothills of the Siskiyou and Cascade Ranges, just 15 miles north of the Oregon/California border. Ashland is located in the south end of the Rogue Valley, which is a farming and timber region. The Rogue Valley has a mild climate with a long growing season, making it ideal for nuts, fruits and many grape varietals. The town of Ashland is home to Lithia Park, which is a 93 acre park near the center of the city. The name Lithia comes from the natural mineral water in Ashland. Mineral tasting and slightly effervescent, it can be sampled at the Lithia water fountains at the Town Plaza. Ashland is located close to Crater Lake National Park, and to the Southern Coast, as well as Mt. Ashland and the Rogue River.

Brief History:
The area of Ashland was inhabited by Shasta and Takelma Indians that lived in Bear Creek Valley (now known as Rogue Valley). Settlers began to arrive in the valley after the Donation Land Act was passed in 1850, which allocated 160-320 acres of land to each settler in the years of 1850-1854. Bear Creek Valley had a series of violent conflicts between the Shasta and Tekelma Indians and the Settlers in the mid 1800's over the land.

The area of modern Ashland was called Ashland Mills, because of the saw and flour mill two settlers from Ashland County, Ohio had founded along the creek. They also donated building sites around the mill to make a flourishing town. The wooden structures incorporated a blacksmith, meat market, a livery and a cabinet shop. This area came to be known as the Plaza, and it is still known as The Plaza to this day. The post office dropped the Mills from Ashland Mills in 1871, and Ashland has been known as Ashland ever since.

People & Culture:
The people of Ashland are known for being progressive, cultured and laid back. It is both a college town and a tourist town that attracts over 100,000 people to the Oregon Shakespeare Festival eight months out of every year. The OSF is a world renowned festival that not only showcases Shakespeare plays, but also incorporates many other contemporary plays and lectures, dances and classes.

Ashland has been called the next Napa, due to the quaint Bed and Breakfasts and a recent boom in wine touring in the Rogue Valley. There are quite a few grape varietals that grow well in the region, making for excellent and diverse wines.

Food & Nightlife:
Ashland isn't exactly known for a hopping nightlife. An evening out in Ashland might comprise of a pleasant evening out imbibing wine or craft beer, or going to the theatre, or out to dinner. Ashland is an up and coming foodie destination, so there are lots of high quality eateries, top notch wineries, and several breweries.

Money & Costs:
Ashland is a moderately priced town, even though the prices are a little elevated due to the high level of tourism.

At the time of this writing, there is a 10.5% lodging tax, however, there is no sales tax in Oregon. Tipping follows the U.S. standard of 15%-20%.

Getting There & Around:
The closest commercial airport to Ashland is the Rogue Valley International-Medford Airport. It is about 15 miles north of Ashland. You can take a shuttle from the airport to Ashland, or you can also hire a taxi. For those driving to Ashland, it is located just off Interstate 5.

Once you are in Ashland, the town is very accessible by foot or bike which are the easiest during tourist times when parking is scarce. If you do not wish to walk, bike or taxi, you can also use the public bus system. The Rogue Valley Transportation District (RVTD) provides bus service to much of the city, there are two routes that run every thirty minutes.

Southern Oregon is much drier than Northern Oregon. The average summer temperatures are over 80 degrees and the winter average is about 49.

Below are the current conditions and weather forecast for Ashland.

The table below shows the average high and low temperatures.

  Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg High 49 54 58 64 71 79 88 87 80 68 54 48
Avg Low 29 30 32 35 41 46 50 49 43 36 32 29
Precipitation 2.26" 1.96" 2.03" 1.77" 1.68" 0.84" 0.49" 0.52" 0.67" 1.41" 3.00" 3.44"

Tips & Additional Information:
  • OSF sells more tickets to more performances of more plays than any other theater in the country.
  • Built in 1910, the oldest working telephone booth in Oregon, made of wood with a tin ceiling, is located in the Columbia Hotel.

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